Improve your Child’s Self Esteem and Well-being

Boosting your child’s well-being and self-esteem requires creating environments in which they can express themselves and communicate their feelings. Engaging in regular activities that are designed to improve well-being practices and skills will also improve self-esteem in children. This course will offer you just that; a range of family-friendly activities to do with your children.

For most parents, their child’s well-being is a priority, so how do we ensure it remains a priority? By role modelling, facilitating activities and conversations that promote it. This self-paced course will provide you with a clearer understanding of what mental health is and how this links with well-being and self-esteem. Using child-friendly language and explanations, you can take this course with your child, thus equipping them with information and tools. This will build on their resilience, independence and emotionally aware.

The course also offers:

  • Insights on how our emotions work

  • Practical tips

  • Coping strategies 

  • Reflections that facilitate a deeper understanding of connecting with your child.


“Kemi is a passionate person who has a wide knowledge of mental health issues. I have used some of her ideas and resources to help the young girls I work with.”

Maureen Bailey – Inner Strength Network.

“Kemi’s developed a well-being plan for my family. The content is really good stuff. My middle child loved the brain activity in particular.”

Savannah* (parent of 3 children) – name changed.

“This resource is clearly led by Kemi’s impressive qualifications…it’s really insightful and genuinely helpful”

Jo –

Course Content

  • Mental health and well-being information 
  • Factors that contribute to good mental health
  • Connection and communication 
  • 10 well-being-based activities
  • Mindfulness exercise 
  • Affirmation exercise
  • The vagus nerve and well-being
  • General tips for well-being