If you have a child experiencing anxiety, this course will provide you with what you need to know about anxiety as well as practical ideas to help your child with their anxiety.

This self-paced course is designed to offer you a clear understanding of your child’s anxiety and will provide you with ways you can help them with their anxiety. You can complete the course in your own time and you will gain access to a private Facebook group where I will be running fortnightly live Q&A sessions, responding to your questions on your child’s anxiety. 

The course also offers:

  • Key information on how anxiety works

  • Practical tips

  • Creative ideas and activities

  • Reflections that facilitate a deeper understanding of your child’s needs.


"My 11-year-old developed anxiety about going to school, we tried everything. A friend recommended Kemi, we had 8 sessions which were effective. My daughter felt like Kemi took the time to understand her anxiety and didn’t push her to go to school. She was crying almost every day about going to school, her attendance is now improving.”

Gemma* parent of 11-year-old Natalie* (*name changed)

“Kemi did an excellent training video for my website (CPD training for school staff). She is a professional and brilliant trainer”

Katherine Houghton – Early Years Staffroom

“Kemi’s webinar on anxiety was interactive and she shared clearly how to recognize anxiety and practical ways to support children, particularly during lockdown and beyond. Excellent online facilitator.”

Chioma Fanawopo


Course Outline

Part 1

Reflections on worries

Understanding worries and differentiating it from anxiety

Effects of worrying 

Developmental stages of worries

Responding to worries

Part 2

What is anxiety?

Signs of anxiety 

The anxiety cycle

Causes of anxiety 

Part 3

Break the anxiety cycle 

Tackling anxious thoughts

Dealing with anxious feelings 

Managing anxious behaviours

Things to avoid with anxious children

Through this course, I’m ready to share my knowledge and experience on anxiety with you in order to equip you with the information and tools needed to improve your child’s anxiety and build their emotional resilience.